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Stakeholder reactions to Critical Raw Materials & Net-Zero Acts, as well as Communications on Critical Raw Material, the Single Market at 30, A Hydrogen Bank, and the long-term strategy on competitiveness

Includes reactions by CO2 Value Europe, IEEP, Aegis Europe, Cepi, European Aluminium, Orgalim, Eurometaux, Euromines, Eurofer, Bellona, Cefic, Corporate Leaders' Group, BusinessEurope, EBA, RECHARGE, WWF, Hydrogen Europe, EASE, CMR Alliance, EuRIC, EEB, Platform for Electromobility, DIGITALEUROPE, FuelsEurope, Plastic Europe, ECSA, VDMA, nucleareurope, APPLIA, Glass for Europe, EurEAU, SolarPower Europe, EuroChambres, CAN Europe, EUROBAT, EGEC, WindEurope, Bioenergy Europe, Bruegel, Solar Heat Europe, E3G, eurelectric, EFIEES, CEMBUREAU, sandbag, Carbon Gap, Zero Emissions Platform, EuroACE, ETUI, EFPIA, CEN - CENELEC, European Compost Network (ECN), T&E, and AK Europa.

Concerns multiple proposals

Aegis Europe: The Critical Raw Materials and Net-Zero Industry Acts need crucial improvements to support industries that are critical for EU’s strategic autonomy.

Cepi: Industrial Plan pinpoints an EU trend for deindustrialisation, now it needs to choose what kind of industry it wants for its green future

European Aluminium: Aluminium industry voices support for Critical Raw Materials & Net-zero Industry acts but calls for inclusion of aluminium

Orgalim: EU needs a more comprehensive industrial plan to secure competitiveness in the net zero age

RECHARGE: Today’s Critical Raw Materials Act and Net-Zero Industry Act: Now it is time to deliver to get Europe on track on its energy transition path and security of supply

WWF: The EU’s Clean Industrial Revolution: catching up on green tech at the risk of environmental damage

Hydrogen Europe: First pillars raised for green industrial plan

European Environmental Bureau (EEB): The EU will not become a green industry front-runner through deregulation, NGOs say

DIGITALEUROPE: Single Market Barriers continue to undermine Europe’s competitiveness and green deal efforts

CLEPA: Net-zero industry: EU policy measures need to match international competition

CAN Europe: Building a green industry within planetary boundaries

EUROBAT: EUROBAT statement on the European Commission’s Net Zero Industry Act and Critical Raw Materials Act

EGEC: EGEC response to the Critical Raw Materials and Net-Zero Industry Acts from the Commission

WindEurope: EU Green Industry Plan falls short for now

eurelectric: Escaping dependencies: Europe moves to find balance in the global energy picture

E3G: The EU propels a daring yet risky ‘made in Europe’ cleantech plan

EUROFER: EUROFER asks for an EU industrial policy that provides a strong business case for green investment in Europe

Concerns the Net-Zero Industry Act

Bellona: Net Zero Industry Act: Oil & Gas producers finally on the hook for their emissions?

CO2 Value Europe: CO2 Value Europe statement on Net Zero Industry Act: a much-needed initiative with crucial new policy drivers, but a true missed opportunity to consider CCU projects as ‘strategic

Cefic: Cefic statement on the publication of the European Commission’s Net-Zero Industry Act

Cefic: Cefic Statement on the Green Deal Industrial Policy and Net Zero Industry Act

BusinessEurope: Commission proposal for the Net-Zero Industry Act: “Limited scope risks to become handicap for Europe’s net-zero transformation”

APPLIA: Net Zero Industry Act’s clean tech list: are home appliances not clean enough?

nucleareurope: Nuclear partially recognised under Net Zero Industry Act

European Biogas Association (EBA): Recognition of biomethane among the strategic technologies in the Net-Zero Industrial Act

Hydrogen Europe: Net-Zero Industry for EU manufacturing

European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE): Energy Storage Is a “Net-Zero Strategic Technology”, but an EU Strategy Must Follow

VDMA: „Put all framework conditions to the test“

Plastic Europe: Industry’s reaction to the Net-Zero Industry Act proposal

European Community Shipowners' Associations (ECSA): Net-Zero Industry Act must recognise strategic role of shipping for Europe’s security

FuelsEurope: The Net Zero Industry Act: a fast lane, but not wide enough

Glass for Europe: The net-zero industry act needs to be beefed up rapidly

SolarPower Europe: Net-Zero Industry Act

EuroACE: An industrial plan for systemic change in the energy efficiency sector

Bioenergy Europe: Net-Zero Industry Act incentivises renewables but lacks strategic vision on bioenergy and BECCS

Bruegel: The Net-Zero Industry Act puts EU credibility at risk

Solar Heat Europe: The Solar thermal sector stands ready to play its role as a Net-Zero Strategic Industrial Sector

EFIEES: EFIEES shares its views on the EU Commission’s Net-Zero Industry Act proposal

CEMBUREAU: CEMBUREAU welcomes Net Zero Industry Act

Carbon Gap: Making good on the “net” in net zero: the Net-Zero Industry Act must support carbon removal

Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP): ZEP reaction to the Net-Zero Industry Act

CEN - CENELEC: The Net-Zero Industry Act: CEN and CENELEC ready to support the future of European innovation in clean technologies

sandbag: The Net Zero Industry Act: all industry, virtually no net zero

Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour - AK Europa: Net-Zero Industry Act: Realignment of EU industrial policy must be socially and ecologically responsible

European Compost Network (ECN): New Net Zero Industry Act Proposal to scale up clean Energy Transition

Concerns the Communication and the Regulation on Critical Raw Materials

ETUI: EU strategy for critical raw materials

Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP): We need a Critical Materials Regulation, not a raw materials’ boosting act.

Eurometaux: Critical Raw Materials Act: Making Europe’s metals supply the Green Deal’s foundation

Euromines: Critical Raw Materials Act: A major milestone for sustainable EU mining

Corporate Leaders' Group: The Materials and Products Taskforce reacts to the release of the Critical Raw Materials Act

BusinessEurope: Proposal for the Critical Raw Materials Act: “Good start, now make the Act workable for businesses”

APPLIA: Critical Raw Materials Act’s blowing wind of protectionism over free trade

Hydrogen Europe: Critical Raw Materials Act to unlock green revolution

CMR Alliance: Critical and Strategic Raw Materials identified

EuRIC: European recyclers support new recycling targets in Critical Raw Materials Act but hurdles remain

VDMA: „Successful balance between political and corporate responsibility“

EurEAU: CRM proposal falls short on circularity

CEN - CENELEC: European Standards support a more resilient Critical Raw Materials supply chain

Platform for Electromobility: Reaction paper of the Platform for electromobility

T&E: Critical Raw Materials Act: a good start, but sharper safeguards and global thinking is missing to make it work

Concerns the Communication on the 30th Anniversary of the Single Market

APPLIA: Single Market at 30’s industrial competitiveness check needs shared sense of direction

BusinessEurope: Publication of 'Long-term competitiveness of the EU' and 'The Single Market at 30': Top quality competitiveness checks are needed for all EU policy and regulatory initiatives

Concerns the Long-term competitiveness strategy

EuroChambres: Striking the balance between short-term and long-term measures to restore EU’s competitiveness

EFPIA: EU long-term competitiveness strategy has to apply to the EU Pharma legislation

Concerns the Communication on the European Hydrogen Bank

sandbag: The European Hydrogen Bank: a recipe for competitive distortion

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