Our story

There are many ways to track policy but at OPP we believed there was a way to bring the Berlin startup world and the EU policy bubble together. When we created OPP back in 2014, our first address was on the border of the political district and the startup scene in Berlin. Back then the UK were in the EU, nobody knew what COVID was, and two people (Luisa and Mark, the two UK-born Co-Founders) started out building OPP.

They moved to Brussels in 2015 and took up residence in a tech warehouse and set up a Belgian company, OPP Group - "everyone had started to call One Policy Place 'OPP' so we went with it," they explain.

Next up was building a team, taking onboard private investors, and moving to an office with views of the European Parliament. One weekend the two Co-Founders took delivery of flatpack furniture and literally built the whole office.

Not content with building a platform, a team, and an office, OPP then put their heads together and reimagined the functionality of their website and built a new platform that launched in 2020.

People often ask what OPP is. Is OPP a consultancy? Sort of, but we don't lobby. Are we a monitoring company? Sort of, but we also run real-world and virtual events. At OPP labels don't really matter. A passion for policy and helping our clients are what gets us out of bed every day.